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Paper Wings Clothing & Little Wings Clothing from Australia

Paper Wings Clothing offers the perfect mix of form and function, and you won't find better selection of styles and sizes than at My Little Jules. Bright colors and playful touches make Paper Wings dresses and other clothing pieces second to none. These clothes are made out of durable, natural fibers, so they are comfortable and long-lasting. Cute touches like puff sleeves, bustles, shirring, ruffles and bright, zany prints make clothing from Paper Wings Australia extremely popular. Your little girl will want to wear these clothes every day, so be sure to stock up on everything from jeans and leggings to maxi dresses and tank dresses. With our awesome selection, you are sure to find many Paper Wings clothing pieces your girl will love. Our selection also includes a wide array of pieces from Little Wings by Paper Wings too, so you can find the perfect thing for even your baby or toddler.

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Colorful & Fun Boutique Children’s Clothing

Your child will love all of the Paper Wings clothing that she receives, and you will love the bright smile on her face. With whimsical touches and practical designs, these outfits are created with comfort and fun in mind. At My Little Jules, we bring you the finest pieces to make your shopping experience as simple as possible. With easy payment plans and 5% back rewards program, you will never want to stop shopping with us. A great place to keep in touch and learn about our new collections and take part in contests would be our Facebook page, so be sure to like the page. In case of any questions, give us a call at 1-866-322-2783 and we would be happy to address them. We also offer free shipping when you order total is more than $79.