Introducing MLJ Easy Payment Plans

Layaway Plans at My Little Jules Children's Boutique

Looking to place an order of $150 or more? Now you can take up to 2 months to pay it off with MLJ Easy Payment Plans!

MLJ Easy Payment Plans in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Use code MLJPaymentPlan during checkout to reduce your initial deposit to 15% non-refundable down payment
  2. We will follow up via email within 2-5 business days to set up your plan. Please check your inbox for messages from
  3. Receive your items when your order is paid in full!
It’s that easy!

Payment Options

Orders valued $150 - $299 must be paid off within 1 month and must be paid via Credit Card. Orders valued $300+ can be paid off in 1 or 2 months (up to 8 payments), and can be paid either via PayPal or Credit Card, the choice is yours. All payments are processed on Fridays.

Cancellations, Order Changes & Price Adjustments

If we are not able to reach you and set up your Payment Plan within two weeks of original attempt, your MLJ Easy Payment Plan order will be cancelled and your 15% deposit will be retained by My Little Jules.

If we are not able to collect a payment within 5 business days from the first attempt, your MLJ Easy Payment Plan order will be canceled and amount paid minus your 15% non-refundable deposit will be refunded back to your credit card or PayPal.

Our customers reserve the right to cancel their MLJ Easy Payment Plan orders or items at any point. If you choose to cancel items from your MLJ Easy Payment Plan order, 15% deposit for cancelled items will be subtracted from your refund. If you choose to cancel the entire order, we will retain your initial 15% deposit.

You can change items on your MLJ Easy Payment Plan order to other items of equal value or more without penalty.

MLJ Easy Payment Plan items do not qualify for price adjustments.

Your 15% non-refundable deposit may not be used toward any other orders with My Little Jules. It is retained by My Little Jules to cover our expenses associated with providing your with a layaway option.

Returns & Exchanges

Once your Easy Payment Plan Order has been shipped, it is treated as a regular order. Any returns or exchanges will be processed according to our Return and Exchange Policies minus the 15% deposit on those items.

By placing an MLJ Easy Payment Plan you agree to all terms listed above.