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Livie and Luca Spring 2014 Collection

Welcome to Livie and Luca spring 2014 - a dazzling collection of the cutest girl shoes you can find. If you are a fan on Livie and Luca Petal Pat shoes, you are in luck! This season Livie and Luca came out with 5 different colors of the famous Petal Pat shoe. These shoes will coordinate with most boutique girls clothing outfits we carry here at My Little Jules. For example, if you are shopping for cute Mustard Pie Clothing spring 2014 outfits, then you need to grab a pair of Pio Pio Shoes in lavender or Petal Pat shoe in sky blue. Persnickety Clothing Spring 2014 Sail Away colelction goes perfectly with Petal Pat shoe in yellow. Ruche shoes in Magenta and Petal Pat shoes in watermelon will be a perfect match to Moxie and Mabel spring 2014 dresses. Our personal favorite here at My Little Jules is adorable Fun Dot shoe in pink. Featuring Livie and Lucas most comfortable turf sole, this shoes are sure to become one of your girl's favorites. Fun fact: all Livie and Luca shoes made on the turf sole are made without any glue. They are hand-stiched throughout which makes them the most durable Livie and Luca style. Presales for Livie and Luca spring 2014 will begin on Saturday, Jan 18 at 12:00 am EST.

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